• Successfully launches three critical overhead console programs for GM
  • Receives, and launches, takeover programs with Chrysler
  • Sales increase by 13% despite economic downturn


  • Establishes own manufacturing operation (KAGM) in China
  • Hyundai and Chrysler awards Tier I business


  • GM awards first LED ambient light to support product in North America, Europe and Asia
  • GM awards Tier I overhead console and lighting programs with GM and CAMI that include direct sales to Korea


  • Develops relationship with Ford China Purchasing and Sourcing
  • Launches high volume Chrysler interior trim program
  • Begins quoting Tier I opportunities with Chrysler and GM


  • Contingent Supplier at Ford for Collins & Aikman bankruptcy
  • Produces interior handles for Nissan
  • Launches first LED interior lamp for Cadillac
  • Launches additional Tier II business with Nissan


  • Opens second North American facility to meet increasing volume requirements
  • Continues expansion of sales with Ford


  • Establishes second strategic partnership with Asian partner
  • Ford awards first direct Tier-1 business
  • Receives first interior lighting program with Nissan as Tier II
  • Secures first interior textile program with Toyota as Tier II


  • Awarded high volume Assist Handle program for the Toyota Camry


  • Robert Granata and Robert Blinstrub founded AGM
  • AGM establishes first strategic partnership with Asian partner
  • Secures Tier II business with Lear Corporation for the Toyota Camry